No matter your industry or the size of your business, having access to on-demand factory manufacturing capabilities is a competitive game-changer. What could your business look like if you had access to a smart factory 3D printer, small enough to sit on your desk, that allowed you to 3D print anything from high volume production parts to customizable medical devices, for a reasonable cost? How could your sales strategies transform if post-processing was virtually eliminated from the 3D printing process?

LuxCreo is thrilled to offer two training sessions during the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference this year in Chicago showcasing how partnering with LuxCreo increases business efficiencies, produces higher-quality products in less time, and expands the ability to innovate.

With the world’s highest performance elastic and the best clear finishing in the industry, you won’t want to miss LuxCreo’s training sessions to learn how to make this a reality for your business.

Day 1: Practical Guidance and Tools for Designing 3D Printed Elastic Products for High Volume Manufacturing

April 4th, 2022 3:00 - 4:00 PM on the 3rd Floor of Williford A

3D printing now supports high-volume production through the use of localized cloud-connected 3D printing smart factories. In this deep dive training, learn about LuxCreo’s smart factory 3D printers and how they enable users to produce a superior product at a high volume for a lower cost, with the best high-performance elastic resins on the market. From footwear to medical applications, LuxCreo offers a holistic smart factory 3D printer solution to help businesses upgrade their manufacturing model and allow for innovation and efficiencies at every step of the additive manufacturing process.

Day 3: No More Polishing: Learn how LuxCreo Digital Polishing Automation is Simplifying Dental Clear Aligner and Other Applications

April 6th, 2022 1:30 - 2:30 PM on the 3rd Floor of Williford A

3D-printed and CNC clear devices have traditionally required extensive surface post-process polishing steps to achieve desired clarity. But post-processing adds extensive labor hours which requires skilled workers, increasing the cost and impacting the efficiency of the final product. In this deep dive training, learn how LuxCreo is delivering on the promise of 3D printing by eliminating the post-processing steps, in order to directly print transparent parts. From dental aligners to microfluidics, LuxCreo offers a holistic smart factory 3D printer solution to print clear directly, with no polishing required!


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