We are proud to announce that 14 Trees, a joint venture between LafargeHolcim and CDC group, is using our BOD2 printer to print low-carbon housing and schools in Malawi. The walls of a first demo building in Lilongwe, Malawi was done in just 14 hours and the walls of a first school in just 18 hours.

Röser GmbH in Germany just had a gantry 3D printer from COBOD installed, as the first precast plant in Europe
The first 3 floors 3D construction printed apartment building reaches its second floor
Henrik Lund-Nielsen speaks about the state of the 3DCP industry in EyeSpyTalks webinar

PERI, our German partner, is using our BOD2 3D construction printer for the project.
A total of 380 m2 of building will be made making a total of 5 apartments, which will be rented out once the project is complete.
This is neither a research nor demo project – The building is being made for profit.

“Small slight thoughts take shape by depositing. This sentence from the Dhammapada says that reality is the result of our thoughts and expectations. This 2,500-year-old text is the best summary of 3D printing. Each 3D printed piece is a series of information materialized , it is a”deposited thought. In WASP thoughts take shape since they are digitized. When information is transferred into the most humble raw materai "earth" , the resulting object changes its value, earth becomes home. Within 50 years we will need houses for other 3 billion human beings; WASP is depositing thoughts to shape those houses in respect of nature". Massimo Moretti, CEO WASP
From September 28th to October 10th , 2020, the design is the protagonist again at the Milan Design City, the urban event that highlights the role of the design-city during this phase of rebirth.

Eight Marines Trained to Use ICON's Tech to 3D Print Structure

Over the past year, the ICON team has been working with the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), an organization that focuses on accelerating commercial tech into the Department of Defense (DoD), to demonstrate the use of commercial scale additive manufacturing for military use.


The world’s first lightweight 3D printed fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) footbridge will be installed at Kralingse Bos park – the green heart of Rotterdam. This heralds the transition towards the next generation of bridges, offering high performance with extreme versatility, circularity and sustainability.

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