OTworld is the sector’s largest get-together and the world's most important meeting place for all manufacturers, dealers and service providers in the field of modern medical aids and equipment. WASP will be present from 10 to 13 May at Hall 05 Stand B08 with the new offer for the Digital Orthopedic Laboratory and two new 3D printers of the Industrial Delta WASP large format line, the 4070 FX and the 4070 HDP. It will be possible to book an appointment, with a WASP expert, useful for understanding the feasibility and the necessary path to 3D printing busts and orthoses.

The Digital Orthopedic Laboratory for WASP is a solution composed of tools and expertise that creates advanced customized medical devices. It is based on the principle of digital fabrication in orthopedics and consists of:
• Powerful and professional 3D printers
• WASP MED Add-on to design easily from 3D scans
• Certified medical materials
• Learn faster with WASP MED Academy

WASP MED Academy offers a solution composed of tools and skills that makes advanced customized medical devices:
• Digital Orthopedic Workshop Startup Course (ODD)
• 3D scanning course for Medical 3d printing
• Medical 3D printing Advanced course
• Medical materials for 3D printing
Come to Hall 05 Stand B08 to discover the new large format printers that WASP dedicates to soft materials up to 50 shore A and directly to the granule.
4070 FX presents great innovations. First of all the innovative vacuum retention system VAC (Vacuum Active Control), allows you to replace the printing plate in a few seconds, ensuring the total absence of warping on the buildplate during printing even at high temperatures. The VAC also ensures the use of printing plates of different types compatible with the printing material and after removable printing the plate can be bended manually allowing an easy removal of the printed part. 4070 FX is quieter and more precise thanks to the new motor drivers, more powerful and solid with the new motor engines and lighter thanks to the introduction of the new carbon arms.
4070 FX features a single Ø2.85mm XFLEX direct filament extruder capable of reaching 280°C. The XFLEX extruder of the 4070 FX is equipped with a double-traction gear in hardened steel, capable of duplicating the grip on the filament and tripling the force exerted thanks to a gearbox.
The nozzles are easily interchangeable: 0.4mm, 0.7mm, 1.2mm.
Also 4070 HDP is part of the industrial line Delta WASP, the 3D printer is designed to print directly from the granule with considerable savings of time and money. More robust, more precise and quiter as the sister 4070 FX is equipped with a pneumatic loading HDP extruder, capable of extruding standard, technical and recycled thermoplastic materials starting by extruding pellets that have lower costs compared to filament. An innovative capacitive sensor placed on the extruder body detects the presence of material and requires it autonomously to the 5 liter main tank located on the side of the printer, interrupting the process in case the material is finished