Imagine owning an impressive 100-meter long yacht. What's the best way to enter a harbor in style? The bow of the luxury yacht KISMET is now adorned with a massive majestic jaguar, good for scaring off any maritime threats. Materialise was delighted to help make this yacht owner's dream come true by assisting with software solutions and Additive Manufacturing expertise which made it possible to 3D print this adventurous predator. Without a wide range of integrated software solutions, this challenging project would never have materialized!

Nationalmuseum Design Stockholm, Sweden

The exhibition Domestic Futures is a link between current everyday life and possible scenarios in an impending future. The exhibition contains three living environments we are familiar with at first sight, in order to physically bridge the distance to the future: a "bio-tech" kitchen, an "autarky" greenhouse in a garden and an "interstellar" campsite. They imagine our daily domestic life in 5, 10 or 50 years.

Danger & Beauty - Turner and the Tradition of the Sublime exhibition invitations with WATERFALL by Eyal Gever in collaboration with STRATASYS, 3D printed on a Stratasys Objet1000™ Multi-material 3D Printer.

Rijksmuseum Twenthe and Museum de Fundatie, Netherlands

Museum de Fundatie and Rijksmuseum Twenthe are showing a double exhibition entitled Danger & Beauty – Turner and the Tradition of the Sublime in conjunction with Tate Britain. It presents around 50 paintings and watercolours by Turner in the context of European art history from the late Middle Ages to the present.

Dutch company MX3D

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