French company FABULOUS, specialized in powder materials for powder bed systems, has developed innovative materials with high certifications and properties. All FABULOUS’ materials have been successfully tested on FARSOON systems, with early adopters service bureaux continuously using them (see case studies below). This collaboration will focus on the helping end-users with new materials specific to industrial applications, such as BLUECARE material specific for the Food industry, or ACTIVE material dedicated mainly to the Water industry.

FABULOUS x FARSOON case studies
Based in bio-sourced PA11, BLUECARE material is mass blue and has been certified for Food Contact Application following the “Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 of 14 January 2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food and alcohol. IDPRINT 3D printing service, based in France, FARSOON technology customer, is using BLUECARE powder to design 30 cm wide modular food conveyor belts. A success according to Mr. Panchot, manager of IDPRINT 3D, who believes that the material is perfectly adapted to his needs: “BLUECARE is the ideal material for additive manufacturing of parts for food conveyors, avoiding the manufacture of a mold that is too expensive for the number of parts to be made.”
ACTIVE is a new material specific to the Water industry : it has been certified (ACS certification) for potable water applications and plastic parts in contact with drinkable water, such as water pumps, hydraulic systems, data sensors, and all permanent water-immersed parts. ACTIVE, thanks to its composite formulation, has very high-standards properties (especially High-T° and low-T° resistances). The “Accréditation de Conformité Sanitaire (ACS)” is a French & European health standard organisation concerning drinkable water. Equivalent standard in North America is NSF-ANSI 61 certification.
RICOH 3D printing service, FARSOON customer, based in UK, is using ACTIVE material for manufacturing water pump strainers.
Special masterbatch offer dedicated to FARSOON customers
Additive Manufacturing is increasingly used for small series application, where it needs part properties and certificates specific to the targeted use. For orders > 600 kgs, FABULOUS offers to develop a dedicated batch with end users own formulation. A new offer that meets the needs of application end-users.