Lubrizol, located in Cleveland, Ohio, and Farsoon Technologies, located in Changsha (CN) are collaborating to broaden the materials’ choices for customers. Farsoon customers operate truly open systems and enjoy the possibility to select from an increasing number of powder materials. Customers, however, appreciate that both, the machine supplier and the powder supplier, help them in applying the material-machine combination.

Lubrizol and Farsoon jointly tested Lubrizol TPU-powders on Farsoon laser sintering machines and have been building up know-how to better technically support the customers.

Dr. Dirk Simon, Managing Director of FARSOON Europe GmbH: “Lubrizol is a strong player in TPU materials and instrumental in industrial applications, classically and in 3D printing. We appreciate that Lubrizol jointly with Farsoon push for the industrialization of additive manufacturing. For instance, the Lubrizol’s ESTANE® 3D TPU S95A powder shows good processability with stable part properties at 50% refresh rates, which are important features for industrial applications.”
“Farsoon’s strength in industrial Laser Sintering Systems motivated Lubrizol to enter into the collaboration.” said David Pascual, Global 3DP Marketing Manager, Engineered Polymers, Lubrizol. “Lubrizol is focused on the Advanced Manufacturing segment, developing open solutions in collaboration with industry leaders such as Farsoon. ESTANE® 3DP TPU S95A powder allows high elastic and flexible parts with great durability and outdoor resistance, thanks to the deep know-how used in the production of this thermoplastic polyurethane specific for powder bed sintering. Using Farsoon’s SLS technology, the sintered items have a whitish color, then can be custom dyed into a wide spectrum of colors. Farsoon and Lubrizol are committed to jointly help customers for using this high performing material-machine combination.”