Digital production solutions from BigRep for high-performance additive manufacturing in industry: Delivery marks further success in dynamic company development

BigRep, the world's leading provider of technology and solutions for large-format additive manufacturing (FFF), celebrates the delivery of its 500th industrial 3D printer since its founding in 2014, making BigRep one of the world's most successful and respected additive manufacturing technology providers.

New industrial online painting service

Weerg's passion for 3D printing turns red. The Pantone colour RAL 3000 is the first colour available for the exclusive industrial painting service recently launched by the Italian e-business known for its CNC machining and online 3D printing. The new colour finish can be applied specifically to all Weerg 3D printed parts, using both HP Multi Jet Fusion 5210 technology and 3D Systems' ProX® SLS 6100 Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology.

•Aurora has independently tested samples of Stainless Steel 316L produced using the company’s patented Multi-Layer Concurrent Printing (“MCP™”) technology.
•The results show samples tested exceed ASTM Standards in Tensile Strength and Yield Strength•The tests are an important step in demonstrating that Aurora’s MCP™ technology is a viable method of metal 3D printing
•Unlike traditional laser bed fusion printers, MCP technology prints multiple layers in a single pass thus increasing production speed

• “arburgGREENworld”: Lightweight construction as a practical example of saving resources

• “arburgXworld”: Digitalisation for increased production efficiency
• Innovative: Fibre reinforcement using fibre direct compounding and Arburg Plastic Freeforming

Custom 3D Printed Cobalt Chrome Prosthetic Knee Combined with Sensoria Health Patient Monitoring System Revolutionize Total Knee Replacement (TKR) Surgery

Remote Patient Rehab System Includes New Smart Knee Brace, Textile Pressure Sensor Infused Socks, Remote Monitoring Cloud & Mobile Apps
Reduces Rehab Time, Pain and Risk of Requiring Corrective Surgery

BCN3D and Turkish distributor 3Dörtgen are pleased to announce their partnership with a Distribution Agreement. 3Dörtgen is now entitled to distribute across the Turkish market the well-known BCN3D printers Sigma and Sigmax, as well as the full range of filaments, accessories and spare parts from the Barcelona-based 3D printing company.

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