Henkel and Stratasys have teamed up with slicelab to put Dura56 to the test on the Bull Rider kick scooter. Dura56 is a durable, impact-resistant photopolymer with an exceptional surface finish and a low cost per kg.

It’s great for functional applications where aesthetics and robustness are critical. Created by Stratasys and Loctite to address end-use and prototyping applications with high material consumption. Ideal for housings, parts with mating features or class A surfaces. Print more for less without sacrificing quality or strength.

The second material for the Origin One printer is Loctite 3D IND405 Clear, a one-part semi-rigid 3D printable clear photopolymer resin that provides smooth surface finish, good impact resistance and elongation. Parts printed in IND405 can be polished to an optically clear finish. The material can be machined, tapped and polished, and is ideal for microfluidic devices as well as guide overlays.