Serving the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries, Carpenter Additive required a solution that could handle complex and disparate information across different sources and departments. That's why the team chose our CO-AM Software Platform to help optimize project management efficiency and communications throughout its production workflow.

When asked which application has particularly moved the AM community in recent weeks, one term would certainly come up quickly: the Aerospike component. This is a rocket engine developed by Hyperganic and manufactured by EOS and AMCM. Unlike classic, bell-shaped rocket nozzles, a rocket engine in aerospike form can adapt to the atmospheric air pressure at different flight altitudes.

Atlantic XL provides EPC and EPCM services to the energy industry supporting offshore and onshore systems, including digitisation, telecommunications, navigation, environmental monitoring and additive manufacturing of metal parts. Now the company is commissioning its first commercial 3D printer in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Canadian-based company chose SLM Solutions as its supplier and selected an SLM®280 machine.

Italian engineering company QualiCal saw an opportunity for innovation in lime production, and asked — could 3D printing help eliminate the single biggest cause of production downtime? It could and it has. Partnering with us, QualiCal developed a shaft level indicator that offers the potential for increased revenue of up to €1,400,000.

In collaboration with Replique, Alstom qualifies a visible metal part for the first time for additive manufacturing serial production

With access to Replique’s worldwide technology and production network, Alstom reduces the complexity within procurement and production
Replique’s industrial expertise enables the selection of cost-efficient and qualified materials and production methods

Leading Danish additive manufacturing service bureau Prototal Damvig A/S has expanded its 3D printing portfolio with the purchase of a Stratasys H350™ 3D printer through Stratasys reseller, Protech. Prototal Damvig’s investment will drive new areas of business growth through volume production and complements an existing line-up of Stratasys additive manufacturing (AM) technologies that comprise FDM® and PolyJet™.

. The maxillofacial surgery and oncology team at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, in this case, led by Dr. Josep Rubio, performs a 3D planning and simulation of the resection of a tumor in a young patient’s cheekbone.

. The creation of the two three-dimensional pieces of the patient's skull and tumor has been essential for the doctors to achieve the extraction with maximum precision.

Epoch Co., Ltd. is a Japanese toy manufacturer and long-time user of Materialise Magics. They’re enjoying the benefits of additive manufacturing (AM), using their 3D printer in a wide range of applications — from product development and concept models to scenic dioramas used for product photography.

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