We are proud to announce the expansion of our partnership with InterPRO Additive Manufacturing Group, a service bureau located in Deep River, CT. With InterPRO’s recent acquisition of an Origin printer, they have entered the DLP space with access to Henkel’s portfolio of photopolymer resins. Together with InterPRO, we are working to further the adoption, acceleration, and commercialization for industrial additive manufacturing applications.

“There’s a new meat in town” food truck attracted over 600 visitors who bought almost 1,000 meat dishes containing Alt-Meat products by Redefine Meat, including Alt-SteaksTM – selling out in just 5 hours .

Blind taste-test surpassed expectations as unassuming meat-eaters from the general public found Redefine Meat’s Alt-Meat indistinguishable from animal meat, with over 90% acceptance rate.
Following pilot-test success, Redefine Meat announces a strategic partnership with premium-quality Israeli meat distributor, Best Meister, to commercialize Redefine Meat’s products in Israel in H1/21.

Engineers at CERN recently succeeded in achieving unprecedented cooling to -40˚C in the extremely confined space of the Large Hadron Collider's photon detector strip. The problem to be solved was very complex. The solution will lead to improved particle detection. But how did the engineers manage to go from a theoretically perfect design to real parts that met their strict specifications?

Starting with its Aston Martin CALLUM Vanquish 25 by R-Reforged

Engineering design company, founded by iconic automotive designer Ian Callum CBE*, will use the METHOD X 3D printer to meet the growing demand for customization from premium automotive and lifestyle brands

The Aston Martin CALLUM Vanquish 25 by R-Reforged will be the first in a series of bespoke and limited-edition supercars to be designed and produced using METHOD X, with other projects already in the pipeline

As part of their ongoing collaboration for 3D printing applications in the dental industry, Keystone Industries (Keystone) and Henkel have developed KeyModel Ultra. This next generation of 3D dental modeling resin offers a new level of accuracy, detail, and speed. KeyModel Ultra is formulated for rapid printing and fast post curing and is also designed to reduce peel forces, which increases print accuracy.

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