Bar-Shany led the digital printing revolution at HP Indigo, turning the company into a global market leader with thousands of employees and over 10,000 customers

He will play an active role in Redefine Meat’s commercialization and help it grow into the world’s largest meat company by replacing animals with technology
Redefine Meat Ltd today announces that Alon Bar-Shany, former VP and General Manager of HP Indigo, has joined the company as Executive Chairman effective immediately. Leveraging 25 years expertise in transforming conventional industries and scaling global technology companies, Bar-Shany will play a pivotal role in Redefine Meat’s commercialization and worldwide expansion.
Bar-Shany spent 16 years as General Manager of HP Indigo, where he was credited for being one of the key figures in the print industry’s digital transformation and scaled the company into a multi-billion-dollar leader. Representing a significant coup for Redefine Meat, Bar-Shany’s know-how and expertise will support the company in leading the technological revolution required to elicit meaningful change in the world’s meat consumption.
“At HP Indigo, I had the privilege of leading an industry shift away from a century-long traditional method with a technological breakthrough,” says Bar-Shany. “Sustainability has always been a big passion of mine, so being part of Redefine Meat allows me to help solve one of the world’s biggest problems by replacing the role of the cow with technology. It has become clear that if we are not accountable for the consequences of our actions today, future generations may not be able to consume meat at all.
“In order to provide a meaningful solution, there is no doubt that the current gaps between alternative meat and animal meat – product quality, variety, and cost – need to be bridged dramatically,” he continues. “But this challenge excites me, and I have no doubt that Redefine Meat has all the attributes to lead this transformation; high-quality meat products, scalable technology, strong strategic partners, and the right management team.”
Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and Co-Founder, adds,” Adam Lahav, my co-founder, and I both started our careers at HP Indigo over a decade ago, and Alon has been a role model for us ever since. We are honored to have him join us and the timing is impeccable, as we prepare our global commercial launch and distribution plan. Long term, I am confident that his innovation, trust, and risk-taking spirit will help shape Redefine Meat’s culture, goals, and achievements, and enable us to become the world’s largest meat company.”
Since 2018, Redefine Meat has been leading a technological revolution in alternative meat through the use of proprietary digital manufacturing technology. The company has a range of Alt-Meat products, from minced-meat foods to whole cuts such as steak. In January, Redefine Meat achieved a major milestone in proving the commercial viability of its Alt-Meat products, achieving over 90% acceptance rate amongst meat eaters in the world’s largest blind-tasting of alternative meat in conjunction with high-quality Israeli meat distributor, Best Meister. In February, the company also raised $29 million (USD) in funding; the highest capital ever raised by an alternative meat company in an A-series round.


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