GRATZ Engineering GmbH is just one of many examples that has firmly integrated 3D printing in various forms into its business model. Not using the technology today is no longer an option for the engineering expert. That's because the advantages in terms of delivery times, cost-effectiveness and increased performance through geometric freedom are simply too significant. "The good thing is that as a medium-sized company, you don't have to rely on investing in your own printing system right away.

In order to gain initial experience of how the printed components and molds behave and can be used, it is worthwhile to rely on the on- demand service. This is a convenient way to get started, with more or less the same positive effects as purchasing your own 3D printing system," explains Steinbronn. Today, GRATZ Engineering GmbH manufactures all kinds of engine components additively: from brackets to exhaust manifolds to cylinder heads. Especially with regard to increased efficiency and sustainability in the automotive industry, GRATZ Engineering GmbH recommends the use of the technology. "Because of the great geometric freedom, 3D printing allows us engineers to take completely new angles in the design and construction of components and also to re-evaluate proven components. 3D printing allows us to move away from the idea of design for manufacturing, that is, design for economic production using traditional manufacturing processes. We can finally move more in the direction of Design for Functionality, optimizing components for both functionality and efficiency. This makes both the engineer's and the entrepreneur's heart beat faster. After all, even the most complex designs can be produced economically using 3D printing. That's why we see enormous future potential in the technology," concludes Steinbronn.
GRATZ Engineering GmbH: Complete process chains from the idea to the prototype
As an independent engineering service provider, GRATZ Engineering GmbH is one of the few engineering competence centers that supports its customers along the entire process chain. Due to the holistic approach, all work steps interlock seamlessly and are precisely coordinated with each other. With 230 employees, six locations and proven expertise since 1985, GRATZ aims to achieve the optimum for every project - in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.


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