Grow profitably, gain market share, strengthen global business: The CHIRON Group is pursuing ambitious goals for the coming years. In order to promote the achievement of these goals, the company stands out from the competition beyond its product range. For example, it provides customers and potential customers with further arguments in favour of the CHIRON Group through its commitment to the central future topic of sustainability.

The first major success here: From the end of the year, production at the German sites will be climate-neutral. The CHIRON Group documents its efforts and successes to date in its first sustainability report "SUSTAINABILITY by Performance and Precision".

"Our goal is to produce in a climate-conscious way and - the sooner, the better - in a climate-neutral way," says CEO Carsten Liske. To this end, intensive work has been done on the global sustainability programme for the CHIRON Group in recent months. And, with investments in heat recovery and photovoltaic systems as well as the purchase of additionally required electricity from renewable sources, the first milestone has been reached: In Germany, the CHIRON Group now produces in a climate-neutral manner. CHIRON China will follow suit with photovoltaics for the Taicang Innovation Factory in 2023, and planning has also begun at CHIRON Croatia.

As a machine tool manufacturer, the CHIRON Group is doubly challenged, according to Benjamin Kurth, Global Programme Manager Sustainability: "On the one hand, it's about climate-neutral production at our company, and on the other hand, it's about saving resources and the increasingly efficient operation of our customers' machining centres and manufacturing solutions." As a founding member of the VDMA Blue Competence initiative, the CHIRON Group is actively committed to sustainability issues and consistently implements the defined criteria in its products. In addition to improved energy and raw material efficiency, this also includes the profit-increasing automation of the production centres, resource-saving implementation of processes through intelligent turnkey solutions and the digitalisation of customer and development projects.

In the Sustainability Report 2021, the corporate group presents its strategy and provides information on its activities in all relevant fields of sustainability: further development of the product portfolio, responsibility for employees and society, quality, supply chain and resource management as well as energy use and CO2 balance. "With our report, prepared according to the core guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), we provide resilient proof that sustainable action is not only of great importance for maintaining our economic performance, but part of our DNA," says CEO Carsten Liske in his foreword.

The foundation of all activities is the strategy programme "Sustainability@CHIRON Group". The declared goal is to have completely CO2-neutral production worldwide by the end of 2025. An ambitious project, which the CHIRON Group has officially committed to achieving with a declaration, according to Benjamin Kurth: "Since December 2022, we have been working with the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) as one of the first companies in our industry. This shows how seriously we take the issue of sustainability." The SBTi is a joint initiative of CDP, United Nations Global Compact, World Resources Institute and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The approach is to set emission reduction targets for participating companies and have their achievement independently verified in order to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement - limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

For Benjamin Kurth, this commitment, in addition to the first sustainability report, is another important milestone: "Now it is a matter of concretising our reduction targets, implementing them in the projected time frame and having their effect validated by the SBTi." Carsten Liske adds: "With

"Sustainability@CHIRON Group", we have created a solid basis for making the topic of sustainability a strategic moment in our business model for us and our customers. We are building on this and consistently moving forward - for a climate-neutral and not least therefore sustainably successful CHIRON Group."


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