3D printer with a build chamber able to reach temperatures up to 300°c, designed to print technopolymers, a jewel of italian additive technology

A 3D printer able to manage the most performing and famous materials in the world of industry: it is with these premises that WASP introduces the new technical jewel called Delta WASP 4070 TECH.
Born to meet specific needs of a market that welcomes additive manufacturing in its production cycles. Designed for the aerospace, automotive, medical and specialized industry but also for research and advanced laboratories. To push the use of this technology, which offers extreme performance, WASP has activated a PEEK 3D printing service. WASP experts will assist in the phase of optimization of the file and in the choice of the correct material based on the needs of the customer.
After several months of development, the new WASP technology integrates a number of cutting-edge innovations supported by the precise and reliable delta kinematics. The machine presents great breakthroughs such as the new water-cooled EXTRUDER able to print thermoplastic filaments up to 500°C, combined with the proprietary FIRECAP system that heats the build chamber up to 300°C to obtain prints with stress free internal structure avoiding delamination and uneven crystallization on large scale parts.
Another crucial breakthrough is a proprietary inline drying system with active temperature control that leads the filament from the spool to the extruder dehumidifying it for the whole process of printing, ensuring better surface quality and mechanical properties. Adhesion of the printed part onto the build plate has been improved with the introduction of a controlled vacuum system that supports interchangeable build plates of various materials, which guarantees optimal grip and at the same time an easy removal of the part. First layer adhesion has been improved thanks also to the new Mesh auto calibration consisting in multiple points smart bed leveling.
Delta WASP 4070 TECH also brings new features on the firmware side such as the Continuous Print (when the first extruder filament is over the second extruder takes over and finishes the print), the Gcode analyzer (automatic gcode error checking), the Auto check system ( self diagnostics of printer functionalities) and the WIFI connection to operate and monitor the printer from afar, this allows also remote support from WASP technicians that can, in case of need, access directly from WASP headquarter.
. Delta WASP 4070 TECH also features an On-board camera to supervise the printing process and create beautiful timelapses.

Delta WASP 4070 TECH contributes to the digitization of companies and it is therefore compatible with European funding for technological development.



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