Goodfellow has recently provided high performance and advanced ceramics for a permanent exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Spanning from the nineteenth century to present day the exhibition displays the impact of ceramic use on health and hygiene applications in domestic and medical settings as well as decorative items.

Opened Spring 2019 as part of an £80 million transformation, the Art of Ceramics Gallery will open alongside two new galleries devoted to ancient Egypt and East Asia at the internationally recognised National Museum of Scotland.

The properties of ceramics have a wide range of applications across science, industry and technology which have made them a key component in global trade for thousands of years.

Previously the exhibition only displayed early uses of ceramics from around the world but with Goodfellow’s help, the contrasts of old and new ceramic materials will be a key feature in the new gallery.

Specifically, Goodfellow donated alumina and zirconia fasteners in a range of sizes, a selection of alumina crucibles to showcase high-performance ceramics and alumina-water filtration foam.

Alison Taubman, Principal Curator of Communications, National Museums Scotland commented, “We were delighted at Goodfellow Cambridge Limited’s enthusiasm to contribute to this display and very appreciative of Joel’s time in providing material as well as technical advice on the nature of the particular ceramics, their properties and an outline of their uses in industry. These contributions will give our many visitors an intriguing insight into the unexpected uses of advanced ceramics, which would be missing without the generosity of Goodfellow Cambridge Limited.”

Joel Aleixo, Global Marketing Manager at Goodfellow Cambridge commented, “We were more than happy to contribute and educate potential visitors of the museum about the current uses of ceramics in modern day life.”

The three galleries that have been renovated were part of a 15-year long transformation of the National Museum of Scotland.

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