The experiment over. The first 3D structural printed concrete bridge in the world (Gemert) deserves a continuation. And that sequel is there. In Eindhoven. Europe's first commercial, industrial production site for 3D printing of concrete elements for construction. More, bigger, faster and more efficient. Everything aimed at scaling up in all areas. Market leaders Weber Beamix and BAM Infra therefore opened their 3D concrete printing facility, 15 January 2019.

A first, with a view to a full order book. This new production method in the construction industry is already meeting a demand from the market. There are several projects in the print queue. These include houses from the Milestone project and applications in BAM's current projects.

A start has also been made on an innovative partnership with the province of North Holland to print four bicycle bridges. This will put the facility to the test immediately.

The advantages
Through this way of working, we are going to make individual serial production possible with an enormous increase in the freedom of design. Less concrete is needed for the same result. After all, the printrobot only applies concrete where it is needed structurally. Less concrete saves a lot of CO2 emissions. There is also no need for formwork, so there is no more waste.

Furthermore, the entire process is faster and the margin of error decreases. During the design process, everyone looks at the same design. Changes are immediately calculated and applied digitally. At the end, you press 'Ctrl+P', so to speak, and the printer immediately starts production. This makes it easier for all chain partners involved and reduces the risk for everyone. And every supply chain partner is involved in the process.

Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix and BAM Infra open the printing facility. Based on their knowledge partners from the very beginning: Bekaert, Witteveen+Bos, Eindhoven University of Technology and Van Wijnen.


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