WASP Hub is a network is for the 3D printing service: material choice and dimensions are no longer a limit thanks to the shared fabrication.

Your material Your dimension Our solution is our slogan. A group of designers and architects, able to see and to foresee the future due to the digital fabrication, works in a network with innovative processes and tools. Advanced plastic polymers, recycled plastics, mortar and geopolymers: materials and dimensions are no longer a limit.

The WASP Hubs are advanced digital fabrication laboratories located in various parts of the world. They exchange each other knowledge and tools: they are also equipped with large 3D printers. Their minds are connected through the web, and that allows them to materialize projects by sharing informations about materials and processes. It’s like the perfect scene of a science fiction series, but WASP Hubs are a reality.

The “shared fabrication” term becomes real and concrete, it’s a new production approach. A demonstration of what we mean is the huge architectural installation Conifera - COS realized by Arthur Mamou-Mani (WASP Hub London) during the Milan Design Week 2019: since then it was a 3D print unbelievable to be realized by any 3D print company. The big challenge was a structure composed by 700 modules in bioplastic and recycled plastic of about half a cubic meter each, printed with the Delta WASP 3MT Industrial 4.0. It took two months to realize the whole masterpiece. The Milan, Venice and Macerata’s Italian WASP Hubs, connected to the London’s one, started a colossal cooperation job, completing the project with great success and demonstrating the value and effectiveness of the WASP Hub network.

There are thirteen WASP Hubs in the world: the first one is at the WASP headquarters in Ravenna. These 3D printing services are active and aware of what they are and of what they can do together: now they are waiting for new challenges.



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