From the WASP expertise, the new large printer that defines a new standard in the additive manufacturing of concrete mortars
Your dimension, your material, our solution

Large size, high print quality, guarantees of advice and technical support. Once again WASP research is driven by the market requests. The new product is the Delta WASP 3MT CONCRETE and is the result of the experience in the construction field that the Italian company led by Massimo Moretti has been carrying out since 2012.
The printer defines a new standard in the additive manufacturing of concrete mortars.
Productivity, versatility, expertise, Industry 4.0, safety are the key success factors that characterize it.
The Delta WASP 3MT CONCRETE can produce modular assemblable components and optimize the entire manufacturing line. The versatility is one of the most requested feature and is guaranteed by the real-time of extrusion parameters and by the opportunity of using multi materials and multi tools.
WASP aims to focus even more with expertise: it concerns a technical support that includes installation, 3D printing courses, 3D modeling, slicing, optimization of mix design, as well as the commissioned tests about 3D printable mixtures. User interface and remote control are characteristics that make Delta WASP 3MT CONCRETE compatible with the incentives of Industry 4.0, while the safety guarantee is CE certified and is total, thanks to the enclosed printing area with grid panels and open-door sensors.
The advantages of 3D printing in construction industry are really many: high production standard oriented to replicable construction processes, non standard production with specific solutions that current industry can not achieve, cost saving from design to manufacturing, prototyping of high complex components, design to manufacturing developed for multi-purpose components. Furthermore, the CO2 emission is less, because the use of cement in a controlled and smart way is less impactful than what the concrete casting process currently involves. Finally, the use of only one material per component facilitates the disposal or recycling phase.
The Delta WASP 3MT CONCRETE merges perfectly all the above mentioned characteristics, that make it the ideal printer for Construction Industry, Universities, Research Centers, Architects Studios, Ceramic Industry.
The Delta WASP 3MT CONCRETE is fed by the Continuous Feeding System and is equipped with LDM WASP EXTRUDER XXL. It can print concrete mortars, natural mixtures, clay and gres. It can be configured also with LDM WASP EXTRUDER XL for high precise 3D printed clay pieces. The nozzle range for concrete is from 18 to 30 mm, for clay from 8 to 18 mm. The Simplify License is included and compatible with all slicing software. In addition, like all those in the WASP family, this printer is also equipped with Resurrection System (to resume interrupted printing in the event of accidental shutdowns or sudden power failure) and Free Zeta System (the machine restarts from the point where the printing was interrupted).


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