“Small slight thoughts take shape by depositing. This sentence from the Dhammapada says that reality is the result of our thoughts and expectations. This 2,500-year-old text is the best summary of 3D printing. Each 3D printed piece is a series of information materialized , it is a”deposited thought. In WASP thoughts take shape since they are digitized. When information is transferred into the most humble raw materai "earth" , the resulting object changes its value, earth becomes home. Within 50 years we will need houses for other 3 billion human beings; WASP is depositing thoughts to shape those houses in respect of nature". Massimo Moretti, CEO WASP
From September 28th to October 10th , 2020, the design is the protagonist again at the Milan Design City, the urban event that highlights the role of the design-city during this phase of rebirth.

The 3D printing becomes part of this Milanese showcase with Rossana Orlandi who wanted WASP's research in the field of 3D printed eco-housing with completely sustainable 0KM material, at the "We Are Nature" event in the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology.
WASP and Rossana Orlandi join supporting the environmental awareness and an immediate action in order to reduce the pollution generated by plastic and C02 emissions in favor of new forms of "sustainable living".
On this special occasion WASP talks about the research for the construction of GAIA, the first 3D printed house created with the local Earth, born in 2018. GAIA, whose name is due to the use of raw earth as the main binder of the constituent mixture, can be considered a new eco-sustainable architectural model with particular attention to the use of natural waste materials, coming from the rice production chain and oriented to the construction of particularly efficient masonry from a bioclimatic and healthy point of view.
WASP's research for the collective well-being and for our Planet, goes on. At the end of 2020, TECLA will be inaugurated, the first eco-sustainable habitat entirely 3D printed using only the raw earth available in the construction site.



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