Röser GmbH in Germany just had a gantry 3D printer from COBOD installed, as the first precast plant in Europe
The first 3 floors 3D construction printed apartment building reaches its second floor
Henrik Lund-Nielsen speaks about the state of the 3DCP industry in EyeSpyTalks webinar

PERI, COBOD's distribution partner, in the German speaking market of Europe, sold the BOD2 to Röser Gmbh, a precast factory in Laupheim, Germany. A few examples of precast plants using robotic arm type 3D construction printers have already been known for some time, but now also gantry type 3D construction printers are finding a market with the precast plants. No mold cost, increased design flexibility and speed of execution are driving the general demand for 3D construction printers from precast plants, while the size of elements that can be made and the possibility to print with real concrete are the specific reasons why gantry printers are chosen instead of robotic arm printers.
Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Founder and General Manager of COBOD explained: “We are very pleased, that we are beginning to see demand from precast plants for our technology. With a 3DCP printer the precast plants can achieve exactly the benefits that their present mold based production does not allow them: No need for molds, ability to offer customized and non-linear elements and much faster speed of execution. In addition the ability to print very large precast parts with our printers and to print with real concrete with particle size up to 10 mm versus the small particle sized mortars, that the robotic arm printers are using, are giving our gantry printers significant competitive advantages compared to the robotic arm printers”.
Maximilian Röser, Managing Partner of Röser GmbH, said: “We have monitored the development and potential of 3D construction printers in various industries and we are convinced that they will also have a huge role to play in the precast concrete industry over the long term”.
Röser intends to print prefabricated concrete parts for the open space sector and special purpose parts for the road construction and civil engineering sectors, together with creative pieces for buildings and stylish concrete products.
PERI is printing the first on site 3D printed 3 floor apartment building in the world using the BOD2 construction printer. A new milestone has been reached when they started printing the second floor already. PERI is making the building in Wallenheim with the help of COBOD’s BOD2 printer. The BOD 2 has a modular build and can be extended in any direction with modules of 2,5 meter, to a maximum of 15 meters in the width and 10 meters in the height. In the length the printer can be as long as desired. For the Beckum building PERI is using a BOD 2 of 12,5m * 15m * 7,5m. The BOD 2 printer has a maximum speed of 100 cm/sec, equivalent to printing/casting 10 tons of concrete per hour.



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