Create complex concrete formwork faster and cheaper with digital production

Concrete formwork in construction can account for 40-60% of the total budget, especially for complex shapes like curved concrete formwork. Some designs such as organic geometries, double curved surfaces and voids are simply not feasible as they require highly skilled labour to produce bespoke formwork, resulting in high costs, long lead times and wasted materials.
BigRep 3D printers can produce large-scale, complex formwork up to 3x faster - at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. With the new CONCRETE FORMWORK filament developed by BASF Forward AM and BigRep, you can unlock the massive benefits of 3D printed formwork.
Manufacturing 3D-printed formwork for concrete casting
3D printed formwork is a perfect solution for casting complex geometries. The first step is to design and print the formwork. For restoration projects, it is also possible to scan existing elements to create the 3D models for the formwork.
If the formwork is larger than the BigRep print volume (e.g. 1 m3 for the BigRep ONE), it can be printed in individual parts and then assembled. If necessary, the 3D-printed formwork can be post-processed using a variety of methods. It is also possible to combine traditional formwork for simple shapes with 3D-printed formwork for complex shapes. The concrete is then poured using standard methods. Finally, the formwork can be cleaned and reused.


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