Printed by PERI using COBOD’s BOD 2 printer
- PERI, COBOD’s German distribution partner, printed the 160 m2 two floors building in Beckum
- The Minister of Construction in the state of North Rhine Westphalia opened the building

Mrs. Ina Scharrenbach, Minister for Construction, Home, Municipal Affairs and Equality of the State of North Rhine Westphalia officially opened the building on Friday, July 23. The minister said:
“With the first 3-D printed residential building in Germany, positive pressure is being generated in the construction industry: for innovative construction with new technologies, for greater attractiveness in construction professions and for modern architecture with new styles. Now we need to gain experience with the building and establish the manufacturing process on the market, because only more housing provides affordable rents".
PERI acquired a stake in COBOD back in 2018 and have since then used COBOD’s BOD2 printers to print buildings in Germany as well as in the US, where PERI recently revealed the start of a project with Habitat of Humanity for building affordable houses in Arizona by using 3D printing.
As PERI globally and in Germany is one of the leading suppliers of form work equipment for manual casting of concrete, PERI’s involvement in 3D construction printing is noticeable and a sign that the conventional construction sector has realized that automation and digitalization of the construction industry is the future, which involves among other the use of robotic 3D construction printers. With multiple buildings under the belt, Thomas Imbacher, director of Innovation & Marketing of the PERI Group explained why the Beckum project was unique for PERI:
"Together with our Danish technology partner COBOD, the PERI team has shown that 3D concrete printing technology is ready for the market. The project in Beckum is a milestone that has set many things in motion in the industry. The house in Beckum was the first of its kind and for PERI and for all those involved, this project will always remain something very special."
While other companies involved in 3D construction printing often speak about their future plans and visions, the established leading position of Danish COBOD continues to be demonstrated by actual 3D printed buildings and structures. Not done by COBOD but made by the growing number of customers using COBOD’s 3D construction printers, mainly the BOD 2. Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Founder and General Manager of COBOD explained:
“We are very pleased, that we are beginning to see the fruits of the many 3D construction printers, which we have sold since the launch of the BOD 2 3D construction printer in 2019. Projects have been delayed by the Corona virus, but now they start to be revealed. These buildings and the huge interest for them document that our technology - and the buildings they can make - are ready for the market”.


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