Potential to save thousands of lives, dramatically improve patient care and realize billions of dollars in healthcare savings

XJet NanoParticle Jetting: the only technology able to accurately and cost effectively produce the crucial 3D printed ceramic cryotherapy probe in the first-of-its-kind medical device

XJet Ltd., the additive manufacturing (AM) company, today announced that it has sold an XJet Carmel 1400 3D Printer to North American based start-up, Marvel Medtech. The company will use XJet’s NanoParticle Jetting™ (NPJ) technology to 3D print a ceramic cryotherapy probe – a key component within a new robotic intervention guidance system from Marvel Medtech, designed to freeze and destroy the most dangerous tiny breast cancer tumors and prevent them from growing.

To be used during MRI scans in clinics across the USA, the new system represents a completely new approach to breast cancer prevention. The Marvel Medtech scanner accessory will be vital for early elimination, removing the need for future expensive and invasive biopsy and any other surgical procedures. This technology breakthrough is expected to save thousands of lives, dramatically improve patient care and realize billions of dollars in healthcare savings.

Through this process, the company is also hopeful that the new procedure will kick-start the body’s anti-cancer immune response to further prevent the recurrence of cancerous tumors.

Ray Harter, President, Marvel Medtech, comments: “Our new approach preempts the need for many biopsies, surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Obviously, the expectation is that it’s likely to save many lives, but it will also dramatically improve the quality of life for patients. In addition, we also know that by eradicating those procedures, it will also reduce overall healthcare costs. And these are not insignificant savings – annually, these could be in the many billions of dollars.

“But in making this system a reality, we were missing a vital piece of the puzzle. The tools used inside an MRI scanner must be compatible with strict safety guidelines, and crucially, not disrupt image quality. Because they are one of the most electrically insulating materials, ceramics are an ideal material to achieve this. However, we were unable to find a ceramic-based 3D printer able to accurately and cost effectively produce our ceramic probe. This is why we are adopting XJet’s Carmel 1400 solution.”

The XJet Carmel 1400, leveraging XJet’s unique NPJ technology, is an advanced metal and ceramic 3D printing system with one of the world’s largest build trays. As such, it is ideal for efficiently producing parts of the highest quality – featuring unprecedented levels of detailing, finish and accuracy such as the extremely accurate ceramic cryotherapy probe.

Dror Danai, CBO, XJet, comments, “With over 500,000 women dying from breast cancer every year, and with 40,000 of those in the USA alone, Marvel Medtech’s solution has truly transformative potential in the healthcare industry. We were delighted to offer the Carmel 1400 in solving their production issues, and we are very proud to play our part in bringing this life-saving technology to market.

“This application is a great example of how our unique ceramic 3D printing technology can enable manufacturers to overcome the limitations of traditional ceramic production. Indeed, we believe that XJet NPJ opens the door for the invention and production of many new products and tools to answer some of mankind’s biggest challenges, and we’re excited to see how it will impact our lives in the future,” concludes Danai.


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