Digital production solutions from BigRep for high-performance additive manufacturing in industry: Delivery marks further success in dynamic company development

BigRep, the world's leading provider of technology and solutions for large-format additive manufacturing (FFF), celebrates the delivery of its 500th industrial 3D printer since its founding in 2014, making BigRep one of the world's most successful and respected additive manufacturing technology providers.

With this milestone, BigRep continues its recent series of new product and service launches. These include the opening of the BigRep 3D PARTLAB in Boston, whose ordering service for 3D printed objects significantly expands the offering for North American customers, as well as the launch of the STUDIO G2 printer and four new industrial-grade filaments, PA6/66, PET-CF, PLX, and BVOH.
Many well-known industrial customers from a wide range of industries prefer to use BigRep's large format 3D printers. In the automotive industry, major global corporations such as Ford Motor Company and Volvo Car Corporation rely on BigRep for applications such as prototyping or manufacturing technology, and in the aerospace industry, AIRBUS SAS and Etihad Engineering, among others, use the 3D printers for various applications. Other renowned customers include Bosch Rexroth AG and industrial manufacturers such as JC Steele & Sons Inc in the USA.
"This delivery is more than just a number, as it proves the great trust of industrial customers in our products. We would like to thank them for this. We will continue to exploit the full potential of additive manufacturing in our future work and thus deliver real added value to current and new customers," said BigRep Managing Director Martin Back. "Our ability to deliver consistently high quality, fast, accurate and cost-efficient systems is due in part to the dedication of BigRep's employees and the sustained support of our investors and partners, to whom we are especially grateful.
The 500th system delivered is a BigRep ONE printer for the tech company JAMADE GERMANY, a specialist for e-mobility, which recently presented an underwater scooter AMAZEA - the world's first water sports device for end users, which consists of 75% serially produced components, which are 3D-printed in additive manufacturing.
"We are very pleased with this delivery, because it opens up a new dimension for additive manufacturing of end products, both for us as a company and for the entire industry. The new BigRep ONE allows us to start serial production of the AMAZEA as planned - as the printer completes our fleet of four BigRep ONE printers", said Detlef Klages, JAMADE Managing Partner and Technical Director. "We particularly appreciate the cost efficiency, precision and quality of the BigRep 3D printers, especially when compared to the very high investment costs of conventional production equipment".
The BigRep ONE is one of three BigRep systems for additive manufacturing "made in Germany", including the recently introduced STUDIO G2 and BigRep PRO, the company's new generation of 3D printers. The PRO is equipped with BigRep's proprietary MXT® technology, a unique extrusion technology with dosing function, as well as state-of-the-art Bosch Rexroth control systems. The combination of speed and precision delivers a compelling industrial solution for additive manufacturing with full IoT connectivity for comprehensive printer embedding in Industry 4.0 applications. In addition, BigRep, in partnership with BASF, supplies high-performance printing materials that leverage the full potential of 3D printers.
BigRep's foundation and vision originated with René Gurka, a recently deceased German entrepreneur whose approach the company still follows today - combining creative design with innovative, sustainable technology, with the clear goal of developing additive manufacturing solutions for industrial applications. Since then, the start-up has grown to become one of the world's leading 3D printing solutions (FFF segment) companies with 90 employees, offices in Boston and Singapore and a strong partner network with companies such as BASF, Bosch Rexroth, AIRBUS and others.
Following the founding vision, BigRep is still a driving force in 3D printing today and continues to demonstrate the innovative potential of additive manufacturing with its prototypes - for example the NERA e-motorbike, the LOCI podcar, the GENESIS Eco Screen, as well as industrial prototypes such as the NEXT AGV, the AIRBUS Investment Shipping Case and many others: All these prototypes were developed by NOWLAB, the BigRep innovation department, and produced on BigRep printers from the most modern filaments suitable for industrial use.


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