Extends printing life by more than 25X compared to alternative vats and trays on the market

Reduces down time and waste for membrane changes, delivering longer production runs
Overcomes alternative tech constraints associated with clouding, aging and doming effects
Delivers consistent optical and power transmittance for long lasting production runs

Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast polymer production 3D printers, announced today the immediate commercial availability of its Everlast Membrane, a new interface layer technology that exponentially extends the useful life of membranes for series production operations on the NXE400 3D printer. Nexa3D Everlast Membrane overcomes the constraints of currently practiced alternative membrane technologies including clouding, chemical instability and doming effects. Made from a highly durable and resilient substrate that can extend the printer’s useful life more than 25 times compared to other vats and trays currently on the market, Everlast Membrane exceeds 50,000 layers processing up to 20 liters of material per membrane. Operators can expect less downtime for membrane changes, and much longer continuous runs in demanding series production operations of precision functional parts.
The Everlast Membrane is available immediately.
Beyond substantially extended useful life, the Everlast Membrane exhibits consistent optical transmittance, so the 1000th produced part is identical to the first, and improves the quality, surface finish and dimensional accuracy of all printed parts across the entire material portfolio. It boasts a tougher yet more resilient surface, enabling the printing of parts with previously unprintable technical materials. The Everlast Membrane is fully compatible with NXE400 workflows and printing parameters, offering dynamic performance monitoring of the membrane with predictive usability feedback.
“We are very excited to bring Everlast Membranes to market,” said Michele Marchesan, Chief Growth Officer, Nexa3D. “3D print manufacturers seek every possible advantage to keep their workflows moving as fast and efficiently as possible while maintaining consistent production standards. Nexa3D Everlast Membranes give them yet another edge to provide longer, uninterrupted production runs and lower waste while ensuring consistent production part quality.”



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