Optomec will display its latest Additive Manufacturing solutions for both Printed Metal and Printed Electronics

Optomec, a leading manufacturer of Additive Manufacturing machines for both 3D Printed Metal and Printed Electronics will showcase its latest print solutions for each technology at RAPID + TCT in Chicago this week. For 3D Printed Metal, Optomec will be displaying its LDH 3.1 print head for Directed Energy Deposition (DED) that allows users to change the spot size of the laser during a build or repair. For Printed Electronics customers, Optomec will announce its latest Aerosol Jet® print head which delivers a compact, low maintenance solution for production applications. Optomec will be showing these new solutions in booth 5027.

The LDH 3.1 print head delivers superior 3D metal builds by allowing the operator to vary the laser spot size and power density remotely and therefore optimize the deposition for print speed and metallurgical properties. For example, larger portions of the build can utilize a larger laser spot for a higher deposition rate while a smaller laser spot can be used for finer features of the build. This can be accomplished remotely, without breaking the inert atmosphere of the machine’s build chamber.

The new Endurance print head for Aerosol Jet machines delivers a compact, simplified print head for electronics production. The new design is optimized for longer operating runs and quicker maintenance. It is available with an ultrasonic atomizer for use on a variety of inks. Optomec’s Printed Electronics machines enable manufacturers to create extremely fine 3D electronic structures–such as circuits, sensors, antennas and interconnects–with features as small as 10 microns using nanoparticle inks. The machines are widely used in the Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Medical Device, Advanced Electronics Packaging and Research segments.

“We are pleased to be showcasing our latest production print solutions at RAPID this year.” said Mike Dean, VP of Marketing at Optomec. “On both sides of business--printed metal and printed electronics--we have been innovating in the base print technology at the heart of the additive machine. Both the LDH 3.1, which began shipping recently, and the Endurance print head, which we are just announcing, were developed in response to our production customers who are looking for robust AM processes that are easy to integrate into their operations.”


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