BIEGLO High-Performance Polymers is adding new ultra-high temperature resistant products to their portfolio. Well known for their High-performance polymer products and a strong player offering materials positioned at the top of the polymer pyramid, BIEGLO now adds Polybenzimidazole (PBI) and ultra-high temperature thermosetting polyimide (PI-s) to their established product families.

PBI is one of the highest performing thermoplastic materials. It offers heat resistance as well as excellent mechanical strength. The Dexnyl© PBI shapes have a heat-deflection temperature (HDT) of 410°C, affirming super-high heat resistant properties. Along with strong mechanical properties, PBI also possesses outstanding chemical resistance, thus making it ideally suitable for sealing, glide-ring, bearing and various insulation applications.
Thermosetting polyimides, PI-s are the highest temperature resistant polymers commercially available. BIEGLO can now offer PI-s products with heat-deflection temperature (HDT) as high as 500°C. These ultra-high heat resistant products in addition to the already available PI products from manufacturers like Mitsui Chemical Inc. (AURUM®) and Saint-Gobain (MELDIN®), extend the PI-portfolio of BIEGLO.
The growing demand for high performance polymers (HPP) in industrial processes lead BIEGLO to focus on the high temperature segment. Besides PBI, thermoplastic polyimides (TPI) and thermosetting polyimides (PI-s), BIEGLO is acknowledged in the plastics industry for their polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and polyamideimide (PAI). These materials stand out as the niche in the world of polymers and find their demanding applications in the aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, chemical, electronics and food-processing industries.

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