Nexa3D, manufacturer of ultra-fast stereolithography 3D printers, and Henkel have announced the expansion of their partnership. Henkel will supply three new high-performance photopolymers to Nexa3D's global distribution channels, effective immediately. By expanding their collaboration, the two partners aim to leverage their joint potential to accelerate the use of additive manufacturing methods in the mass production of functional components using the ultra-fast NXE 400 3D printer.

The NXE 400 manufacturing process offers numerous opportunities for more agile designs, robust supply chains and rapid deployments at every stage of the product lifecycle. The combination of Nexa3D's printing process with Henkel's rapidly growing portfolio of functional polymers enables customers to manufacture a wide range of functional components - for example, in housings, tubes, packaging products, footwear components and production equipment.

xPP405-BLACK is a high-strength engineering plastic that has good impact strength similar to unfilled polypropylene. Similar to polypropylene, xPP405-BLACK has an impressive 130 percent elongation at break and excellent UV resistance according to the ASTM G154 standard. xPP405-BLACK delivers an industrial-grade black finish and is suitable for a wide range of design and production applications for mass-produced components such as piping systems, or for consumer goods as well as industrial applications such as housings or press tools for sheet metal forming. For more information on xPP405-BLACK, watch this video and visit the Nexa3D materials page.
xPP405-CLEAR combines transparency, hardness and impact strength with a good heat deflection temperature in the range of 50 to 60 °C. xPP405-CLEAR has an elasticity like polypropylene, an impressive elongation at break of 130 percent and excellent UV resistance according to ASTM G154 standard. xPP405-CLEAR can be used in applications with high transparency requirements for a wide range of design and production applications of mass-produced components such as packaging, bottles, piping systems and transparent elements for light guiding systems and microfluidics as well as lighting applications. For more information on xPP405-CLEAR, watch this video and visit the Nexa3D materials page.
xPEEK147-BLACK is an impact resistant material with a good surface finish and strong dimensional stability, reflected for example in its very good heat deflection temperature. The material is suitable for production equipment, moulding applications such as injection moulding and for a variety of functional series components, for example in the engine compartment of automobiles. xPEEK147 has a temperature resistance of up to 230 °C and good long-term thermal stability with good resistance to solvents. For more information on xPEEK147-BLACK, watch this video and visit the Nexa3D materials page.

"We are delighted to further expand our partnership with Nexa3D. Our Loctite portfolio of photoplastic and photoelastic materials are ideally suited for the highly-productive NXE 400 3D printers," said Ken Kisner, Head of Innovation for 3D Printing at Henkel. "Nexa3D continuously delivers robust 3D printing solutions. Together, we will offer a broader portfolio of production equipment, materials and aligned and validated workflows that will enable the industry to realise the full potential of additive manufacturing."

"We are convinced that the expansion of our collaboration with Henkel will offer our customers higher productivity, more resistant components and great economic advantages. To that end, we now have six Loctite materials available to couple with the exceptional productivity benefits of our ultra-fast NXE400 3D printer to reduce operating costs by up to 85 per cent," said Kevin McAlea, chief operating officer at Nexa3D. "Both companies are united in their goal to improve access to scalable additive polymer solutions and help customers control their supply chain throughout a product's lifecycle, from design to production to aftermarket."

The three new materials are available immediately through Nexa3D's growing network of resellers.


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