AURUM , a Thermoplastic Polyimide by Mitsui Chemicals, marketed and distributed by Hamburg based BIEGLO GmbH exhibits a high glass transition temperature of 245℃, excellent sliding property and thermoplasticity.

With common applications and niche applications across industries, this resin is a promising high performance polymer.

AURUM ™, a preferred choice for applications in harsh conditions. AURUM ™ is the only Polymer (TPI) with glass transition temperature Tg of 245℃, making it applicable for high temperature usability. With proven applications such as powder coating for insulation and wire coating in Electronics AURUM ™ leaves other polymers like PEEK and PTFE behind. AURUM ™ is melt-processable making itself suitable for fabrication methods such as injection molding and extrusion.
Properties such as high temperature stiffness above 150 ℃ and possibility of fibre reinforcement (modulus of elasticity 3 > 22 GPa) proves AURUM™ to be more workable than PEEK. Thanks to this property AURUM™ is used in automotive industry in thrust washers, seal rings, bearing retainers and bearings. In the aircraft industry it is applicable in structural components of aircraft engines.
Compunded AURUM™’s coefficient of expansion can be controlled. This property of AURUM has made it suitable material for not only automotive but also pistons, oil pumps and oil seals in construction machinery.
AURUM™ exhibits the highest critical PV value of any thermoplastic resin in non-lubricated sliding atmosphere. This property is useful in applications in bearing retainers, thrust washers, seals, etc. Other properties of low outgassing at highest temperatures and resistance to radiation with minimum reduction in tensile strength makes AURUM™ applicable in building switches and socket components for nuclear power and other applications under harsh atmospheres like oil and gas industry.
Other properties such as superior creep resistance and resistance to chemicals, resistance to automotive gasoline and lubricants, aviation fuels and cleaning agents are responsible to make AURUM™ suitable for oil pumps, aircraft engine components, dialysis machine impellers and many more.
The dimensional stability, resistance to chemicals, dielectric nature also make AURUM™ a great choice for powder coating huge components. AURUM coating ensures extremely few pinholes and covering sharp edges better than any competitive polymer.
To know more about AURUM and get advice, meet BIEGLO’s experts at FAKUMA 2021, Hall A4-4110


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