Achieving additive manufactured parts that are nearly indistinguishable from injection molded plastic with lower overall production costs has never been easier. 3D Systems is excited to introduce a black powder version of a novel nylon copolymer that features high elongation at break in any direction, high impact resistance, and high recyclability.

DuraForm PAx Black is a production-grade, long-term stable material that is ideal for functional prototypes and end-use parts. As with the recently announced DuraForm PAx Natural, this material possesses impressive long-term stability of over five years indoor and is among the top performing SLS materials for long-term use. ​​​​​

The low printing temperatures take time out of the production process, enabling faster parts in hand and cutting costs. DuraForm PAx Black is a clean running material making it easier to print and with less printer maintenance.

Application examples include:
General purpose prototypes
Tooling handles and grips for use in tough, rugged environments
Living hinges
Liquid reservoirs per data sheet specification
Enclosures requiring high impact and high toughness​​​​​​


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