Light weighting of aerostructures is an on-going industry challenge, making honeycomb structures very prevalent and critical throughout the airframe. During the original build and repair of the industry, a versatile material is needed.

LOCTITE EA 9807 AERO is an epoxy syntactic flame-retardant potting compound that can be applied as a pourable material or fine-tuned as a higher viscosity material with the addition of complementary thickener. The self-extinguishing characteristics of LOCTITE EA 9807 AERO benefits interior applications, while its strength characteristics benefits secondary structure applications. Also, its notable purple color material allows for easy differentiation from the honeycomb core.
Product Benefits
• Ambient Storage
• Flame Retardant
• Pourable Consistency
• Low Fluid Immersion Uptake
• Low Exotherm
• Dimensional Stability
• Short Gel Time
• Excellent Mechanical Properties


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