With "La Mallette", AddUp and Decayeux STI offer luxury companies a range of demonstration objects enabling them to imagine new products and consider their manufacture on an industrial scale.
3D metallic printing for luxury is becoming an industrial reality. With "La Mallette", AddUp and Decayeux STI help companies in this sector to project themselves into this new way of thinking and manufacturing art objects.

AddUp, a supplier of metal additive manufacturing solutions, and Decayeux STI, a metal processing specialist who has been working for over 4 decades for the major French and European names in leather goods and luxury jewellery, joined forces in June 2018. The objective was to devise innovative solutions adapted to the specific needs of the luxury sector. Today, the two partners offer complete support solutions, including parts modeling, prototype production, industrialization and mass production. "We offer all players in the luxury sector industrial, creative and differentiating solutions," says Erwan Spohn, Luxury Sales Director at Decayeux STI.
This partnership has already attracted prestigious customers, including Maison Lancôme, which has chosen AddUp and Decayeux STI to produce an art edition of its perfume "Jasmins Marzipane", whose unique bottle includes a part manufactured by 3D metallic printing.
Ten objects designed by a renowned designer
After more than a year of partnership, AddUp and Decayeux STI have devised a new way to highlight their value proposition: "La Mallette", a demonstrator of their joint know-how. This carefully designed case contains a collection of original objects, created especially to illustrate the possibilities offered by metal additive manufacturing in the world of luxury, and to demonstrate the industrial feasibility of this type of application.
"La Mallette" is a collection of ten objects designed by Raphaëlle Hanley, a renowned designer. Belt buckles, chains, clasps, snap hooks, or heels for pumps: these original creations have been designed to represent different market segments in the leather goods and luxury jewellery sectors. All these pieces illustrate the possibilities offered by 3D metallic printing in terms of freedom of form, and can serve as inspiration for designers.
Manufactured on AddUp machines and then subjected to finishing processes specifically developed by Decayeux STI, the parts of "La Mallette" are also accompanied by explanatory sheets, which present the rates and deadlines expected for the production of equivalent objects. "All these products, which meet the demanding aesthetic criteria of luxury, are perfectly reproducible, with a constant level of quality identical to the prototype, regardless of the volume of the series to be manufactured," says David Muller, Business Development Manager Luxury at AddUp.
In the end, with "La Mallette", AddUp and Decayeux STI offer a new solution to help luxury companies generate value through additive manufacturing. These objects will not only encourage them to invent new shapes, but also to imagine new service proposals for their end customers, such as the personalisation of parts manufactured in large series.

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