3D printing prepares academics and students for tomorrow’s world… today. Particularly in education, 3D printing provides unique learning opportunities across different studies such as science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Are you curious to see how educators are engaging students in an entertaining new way?

Hacettepe University, one of Turkey’s leading universities, needed a tool that could level up their R&D process. They wanted this tool to offer a hands-on approach for polymer development. Fortunately, Hacettepe University was able to find that perfect tool. Last month, Hacettepe University of Pharmacy introduced a Composer 450 Filament Maker into their classroom thanks to the support of 3D3 Technology, one of our partners.
From unboxing to practical applications

3D3 Technology assisted Hacettepe University set up a filament development station, along with their Raise 3D Pro 2 3D printer. They equipped the researchers of Hacettepe University with practical and up-to-date knowledge of filament making. By starting with the essentials, 3D3 demonstrated insights on effectively integrating filament extrusion within their organizational workflow. By the end of the training, they created their first spool using PLA granules.

As a result of the training, Hacettepe University immediately knew the most critical settings on the extruder; how to use them, and what they meant. From unboxing to complex applications, 3D3 Technology was able to represent 3devo through an on-site training.

How do we select our partners?

All of our partners are selected carefully to ensure the highest level of customer support and service to every client, no matter their location.

We only work with companies that:

Share 3devo’s vision. We believe that research is the key to innovation. Polymer innovation and sustainable practices are reflected through our product portfolio, along with the extensive training we offer to our customers and partners.
Have in-depth industry knowledge. Our partners combine their industry knowledge and technical expertise to offer our customer qualified technical support and help troubleshoot issues – no matter the difficulty. Additionally, we heavily invest in specialized training for our partners to guarantee our customers get the best experience.
Assure customer commitment. 3devo partners are always there to help with all desktop extrusion questions before, during, and after working with 3devo products.
Guarantee collaborative feedback. We always seek new ways to improve our products, website, and overall services and appreciate all feedback forms. We work with our partners to deliver an exceptional user experience.

The right tools to enhance your school’s 3D printing applications

3devo products are well built for the demands of a classroom. From affordability to conveniently-sized, we have a solution that suits your needs – notorious for reliability and a tool of independence.


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