Innovation and sustainability: Technogym chooses WASP for his T-Factory and T-Research&Development Department

3D printing has entered the wellness world. Technogym chooses WASP to improve their innovation attitude. This is how the collaboration between two worldwide important companies was born: the first one leader in the fitness and wellness industry, the other one among the main 3D printers producers and suppliers.

Innovation and sustainability
The Technogym’s choice to turn to Delta WASP INDUSTRIAL 4.0 was dictated by the need to have an easier and more intuitive system, with lower maintenance costs and able to produce very large parts without using support material that would need to be removed using environmentally toxic products. The printer is now located inside a T-Factory&T-Research and Development Department where over 130 engineers and designers have produced 142 international patents and 93 trademarks. In the last years many of the innovations have been prototyped using the Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL 4.0. Technogym designers say that thanks to WASP, 3D printing has become a central part of the team workflow, reducing errors during the product development phase and shortening the delivery times, especially for large size pieces .

Why Technogym has chosen WASP technology
“We chose the Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL 4.0 system for many reasons,one of the most important is certainly its large print volume feasibility. We also appreciate its printing speed and the much lower cost of support-materials, which allows us to buy more material spools and make more tests. Since it uses an open materials system, we can decide to change the type of filament anytime we like. In addition, while it may seem like a trivial issue, the ability to select a filament color is actually very important for us”. The installation of the machine is very simple and comfortable notwithstanding its large dimensions. Finally but not less important it grants a high quality standard that can be repeated for any printed part. The Technogym Department works on the development of projects never realized before. This ability to rapidly innovate has made of Technogym a global and technological leader in the wellness segment. The WASP large format 3D printing integration into Technogym engineers and designers’ workflow has represented a key advantage which is going to continue in the future.

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