3D Glass Solutions, Inc. (3DGS), the world's leading manufacturer of glass-based system-in-chip (SiP) and integrated passive devices (IPDs) for radio frequency (RF) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, is pleased to announce the most recent patent to our growing portfolio that protects components and systems for the 5G, Millimeter Wave, Microwave and High-Speed Data Communications markets.

This patent protects devices and systems requiring low noise, high-speed RF components with an integrated electrical isolation using a ground plane. This technology is especially useful in components such as: Inductors, Antenna, Resistors, Transmission Lines, Transformers, Oscillators, Isolators, and many other electronic devices in ANY photo-definable glass. This innovation prevents parasitic electrical signals from disrupting and/or degrading the performance of electronic devices. This and other 3DGS patents demonstrate the novel and beneficial aspects of our technology to the RF Market.

Mark Popovich, 3DGS CEO and President said of this patent: "This, our most recent patent, is a powerful and valuable addition to a growing and substantial patent portfolio that protects 3DGS' technology. While conventional RF components perform well in LTE bands, their performance degrades rapidly at 5G frequencies and above. Our patent protected technology yields cost effective, high performance RF components for current and future product needs at 5G and MM wave frequencies. Our innovations are enabling system level designers to create more efficient and higher performing end products, from infrastructure to consumer devices. Because of this, we are seeing accelerating adoption of 3DGS' products in worldwide markets where 5G, Millimeter Wave and High-Speed Data Systems are being designed and deployed."


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