With the latest version of the 3D_Kernel_IO Software Developer Kit (SDK), CoreTechnologie now also offers STEP AP 242 Extended Interfaces for software manufacturers.

The software specialist CoreTechnologie (CT) presents the latest version of the 3D_Kernel_IO Software Developer Kit (SDK). With the SDK, CoreTechnologie offers an easy-to-integrate Application Programming Interface (API) that allows software manufacturers to quickly integrate 24 different major CAD formats and various sophisticated features in their products. In addition to the major native formats such as Catia V5 and V6, NX, Solidworks, Creo, Inventor and JT, the new version now also has a STEP AP 242 Extended Interface, which enables the access to all 3D master-relevant information such as dimensions, annotations and views.

Innovative Edge
3D_Kernel_IO also comprises an advanced healing technology for automatic data correction in order to ensure the best possible quality of imported data. In addition, the mature interfaces are capable to read the features and design-history information providing also the dimensions, annotations and attributes. For many software manufacturers whose processes are based on CAD data, this SDK offers a considerable added value as the technology is ensuring their integrated processes in the context of Industry 4.0.

Easy and fast Integration
CT_Kernel_IO makes native interfaces for all major CAD systems as well as standard formats such as JT, STEP, FBX and 3MF available by integrating just one DLL file. The unified solution is cost efficient and the integration can be done within a very short timeframe.

In addition to the interfaces, other functionalities of the DLL are helpful, such as a high quality tessellation, slicing or the well advanced model comparison function. The solution is based on C++ classes and has to be integrated only once to use all available formats and functions of 3D_Kernel_IO. A remarkable function of the SDK is the feature based module which makes it possible to access all features, parameters and the history directly from the native CAD data.

Targeting Global Players
Manufacturers of Virtual Reality, FEA, CAM and Measuring Software are using CT_Kernel_IO since many years to successfully import also very large 3D models from various CAD systems and formats into their tools.

"Looking at the visions and plans of technology companies, the development and production process of the future will be impacted more and more by the use of virtual reality and simulation methods based on 3D CAD models" explains CT CEO Armin Bruening and he is convinced: "Because the product development process is been done by using a variety of specialized systems, optimal interoperability will be more and more important in the future."

The CT_Kernel_IO Solution is available, among other offers, in the form of an annual flat rate and can thus be easily marketed by the licensed system provider. Because CoreTechnologie offers both end-to-end and OEM solutions, this business model leverages the synergy for maintenance and updates of the CoreTechnologie products as well as for the very specialized experience across a variety of CAD formats and applications.


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