Scan Dimension®, developer of 3D scanning, imaging, and realization technology, announces the results of two recent reviews of the SOL 3D scanner from leading technology experts. Once again, the SOL 3D scanner has exceeded the experts’ expectations.

Joe Larson, author of A Beginner's Guide to the 3D Printing Galaxy and owner of the YouTube channel 3D Printing Professor, exclaims that SOL was the “best experience with 3D scanning that I have yet had.” He commented on how effortless the hardware and software setup was, describing it as “super easy” and “flawless.” He added, “For a $600 3D scanner to nail it this close, that's pretty darn good.”

Jeffrey Rowe, owner of independent consulting firm Cairowest, which focuses on 3D scanning and imaging, hails the SOL 3D scanner as "easy, inexpensive, precise." Rowe gave the scanner an A-, noting that “for the price and what it can do, the SOL is a worthy competitor to other scanners costing quite a bit more. Highly recommended!”

“The overwhelmingly positive reviews of SOL are exactly what we expected. Tech experts all agree that the SOL 3D scanner delivers high-quality results at an incredible price point,” comments Chip Coons, Product Manager, Scan Dimension.

The SOL 3D scanner is an easy-to-use tool for educators, Makers, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs to create detailed, precise 3D models of scanned objects to print, share, edit, or augment. SOL retails for $599.

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