AddUp enriches its software offering with the introduction of two new products:

- A production monitoring software called AddUp DashboardsTM. This tool allows real-time visualization of
all the information from the FormUp® machines sensors, presented in the form of dashboards. Users can set automatic alert thresholds and create all types of charts by displaying the variable(s) they want to analyze. The software also allows the creation of custom dashboards by profession (operator, workshop manager, industrial director, etc.).
- A “melting monitoring” solution, thanks to which manufacturers can visualize the quality of the fusion for all their productions. Available as an option on FormUp® machines, this solution performs continuous measurement of the melt pool temperature as well as the emitted and controlled power, layer after layer. The resulting images can be accessed directly in AddUp ManagerTM (AddUp's manufacturing preparation software) and can be superimposed on the part model, allowing a three-dimensional view of the quality of the finished parts. This new feature will be available in the course of 2020.
In parallel with these two announcements, AddUp continues the evolution of its AddUp ManagerTM manufacturing preparation software, with the announcement of new features. These include the introduction of a Quick Start Wizard to simplify the manufacturing preparation process for all users, regardless of their business. AddUp ManagerTM software also offers significant performance improvements on its trajectory generator, with more than
five times faster computation times.
Finally, with its new “AddUp CAD Compatibility” option, users of AddUp ManagerTM can import their CAD files directly and get out of the step of generating swap files (STL or 3MF). This option is compatible with many design software (about twenty CAD file extensions are supported).


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