Bayern Kapital is participating in Scoobe3D from Augsburg with its ERDF innovation fund as part of a seed financing round in the high six-figure range. Co-investors are two experienced business angels. The high-tech start-up has developed a high-precision 3D scanner in the handy and easy-to-use format of a smartphone. The Scoobe3D scanner creates professional 3D scans of objects, even if their surfaces reflect. The financing round was arranged through the BayStartUP investor network.

3D scans of workpieces and everyday objects are expensive and the large, unwieldy scanning devices usually only deliver usable results after laborious preparation of the scan object: Reference points have to be marked on the object or reflective surfaces often have to be prepared with chalk spray first to avoid scanning errors.

The high-tech start-up Scoobe3D offers a compact solution. The company from Bavarian Swabia was founded in early 2018 and currently has 13 employees. The Scoobe3D scanner is an independent, mobile device in a handy smartphone format and is guided around the scan object by the user with a running camera and its own display, similar to a panorama shot on a mobile phone. The device can be operated intuitively and gives precise instructions on how to perform the scan. Using a new technology patented by the start-up company itself, shiny or reflective surfaces (such as metals or plastics) can also be captured and 3D scans can be created with a precision of up to 0.1 millimetres with little effort.

Scoobe3D will be used primarily in mechanical engineering and construction. However, the device's broad range of applications also makes it interesting for a broad spectrum of developing and manufacturing companies, for example in the field of orthopaedics. Over the past months, the Scoobe3D team has been advised by the Digital Center Swabia (DZ.S) and the BayStartUP investor network. Scoobe3D now plans to use the new financial resources to invest in the further development of its technology.

Julian Berlow, Managing Director of Scoobe3D, says: "We are already receiving countless inquiries from a wide range of industries. The demand for 3D scans is huge. We believe that in the future 3D data should be as easily accessible as a 2D photo. We are therefore delighted to have Bayern Kapital on board, an experienced industry expert from the Bavarian high-tech start-up scene with enough financial strength to work together towards this vision".

Dr. Georg Ried, Managing Director of Bayern Kapital, explains: "Scoobe3D addresses a broad spectrum of different future-oriented industries with its innovative and patented technology. In the coming years, the market demand for 3D scanners will increase significantly. The team of founders is excellently networked and has already received orders from various sectors. This combination makes Scoobe3D a promising investment for us in the Bavarian high-tech segment".

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