3D printing is gaining ground in the world of industrial design. In order to take the possibilities for surface design to the next level, the 3D expert Substance and the software innovator CoreTechnology have entered into a unique symbiosis.

3D expert Substance and the innovation hotbed CoreTechnologie are now working together to leverage their synergy potential in 3D printing. CoreTechologie contributes the innovations of the additive manufacturing software 4D_Additive, while Substance contributes its expertise in 3D printing with textured surfaces.

Surface design with unlimited possibilities
With the innovative 3D printing software from CoreTechnologie, designers can select Substance from over 5,000 different surfaces and project parts onto 3D printing in no time at all. The revolutionary fusion of virtual reality (VR) and 3D-printing technology creates completely new possibilities for the design of components.

Highest quality 3D printing
With the simple and direct manufacturing technology of 3D printing, it is important that the CAD models sent to the printer are checked for quality and closed if necessary, as only flawless solids are suitable for printing. The preparation of CAD models for 3D printing requires high accuracy in terms of topology, especially for textures, which must have continuous surface transitions and be waterproof to avoid errors in the printed result. The strength of the 4D_Additive software lies in the fast analysis as well as in the automatic and manual repair of the exact CAD models, which are read in from all common formats such as CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, CREO, NX as well as STEP, JT or STL.

Precise workflow from digital to physical model
With access to the Substance Engine SDK and the integration of its functions into the 4D_Additive software, professional graphic designers and laymen alike can easily access the surface design of 3D printed parts and play with textures from the Substance Source. The constantly growing collection of materials offers great freedom in product design. In the 4D_Additive software, users can create different variations of the object, experiment with variable high-end renderings, visualize in real time and display the effects on the object. In this way, unusual surface designs and components with an unmistakable look can be created quickly and easily. The direct visual inspection guarantees a high level of display accuracy. Due to the continuous precision from the virtual world to the physical result, very precise VR models in photorealistic quality are created as well as perfect 3D print models.

The innovative synergy of Substance and CoreTechnology is interesting for the automotive industry, aerospace, medical sector and for all industries that require structural models with individual and new design surfaces.


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