Volume Graphics' Adaptive Measurement Templates—an advanced inspection software capability that uses CT scan data to detect deviations from manufacturing intent—has been named as one of the ten most innovative technologies for 2023 by a leading industry publication.

An independent jury of machine-vision experts anonymously evaluated a shortlist of technology developments—in image processing, metrology, embedded vision, and AI—identified by the European trade journal inVISION. The editorial team drew up the original list from around 30 products that stood out at trade fairs or in news articles over the past year. The jury then assigned points and selected the ten technologies with the highest total to be listed as Top Innovations. Products or solutions are selected because they enable more accurate, better, or simpler inspections for the industry.
Shape-Following Adaptive Measurement Templates
Volume Graphics provides its Adaptive Measurement Templates in its latest versions of VGSTUDIO MAX, VGSTUDIO, VGMETROLOGY and VGinLINE software. These applications use data from CT-scanned objects to inspect and evaluate product quality. The shape-following templates speed up the identification of deformed components by allowing users to digitally apply metrics from their original CAD data or PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) onto digital visualizations of the altered components, created from the CT scans.

The templates then highlight any differences between the original design and the as-manufactured-and-scanned part, and can be further applied to determine if such deviations are significant enough to affect performance or even cause rejection of the part.

This is highly valuable for the inspection of injection-molded parts and 3D-printed parts, which can often be out of tolerance and/or warped in such a way that a standard measurement plan, created on the nominal CAD object, cannot be applied easily or automatically to them. In such cases, correct analysis used to be possible only by applying time-consuming, local coordinate systems. The new Adaptive Measurement Templates apply dimensions and tolerances much more quickly, even to severely distorted parts—and can also inform design changes that improve final product quality.



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