Our annual production with AM has increased from a few articles to 20,000 pieces (per article and order) within a very short time. Thus a serial production has become reality in shortest time. It becomes exciting when a design optimized for AM helps to save work steps and thus costs.

With the next generation of systems (announced by EOS - see formnext), 100,000 units or more will make economic sense if functions are integrated through perfect AM design. A near future that comes close to injection moulding in terms of quantity, but with an enormous time advantage and great flexibility when it comes to design changes.
The optimal technology
The best candidate
A year ago, we put the new Multi Jet Fusion technology into operation with the HP plant. It quickly became clear to us: MJF, like all technologies, requires in-depth knowledge of the application to produce parts that meet our requirements.
There are differences. In a direct comparison with SLS, we find that surface quality, detail illustrations and colouring are criteria that need to be considered. It is clear that HP technology offers a price advantage. It is still decisive in which quality the customer needs his parts. Here we are your reliable partner who will advise you on the best technology to choose.


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