Adira is leading the SLM-XL project financed by "Portugal 2020" in the field of additive manufacturing.

The purpose of this project is the development of capital goods for the additive manufacture of large metal parts / components using laser technology for the process of joining metallic powders. Additive manufacturing, referred worldwide as the precursor for the third industrial revolution, plays a growing role in industry in developed countries and the trend is to move to the manufacture of large components, namely for the automotive and aeronautics industries. In this regard, there are technological challenges that this project aims to solve, namely the development of robust industrial equipment capable of manufacturing large parts (1000x1000x500mm).

A wide range of complementary technical-scientific expertise was gathered through the creation of a consortium that includes co-sponsors of the national scientific and technological systems involved - INEGI, IST-UTL, FCT-UNL and the company Manuel Conceição Graça (MCG). The combined entities have technological skills and experience proven by their long history in the development / industrialization of advanced equipment and the manufacture of components for demanding sectors of activity.


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