Focus on DED Adaptive Repair for Turbine Engine Components

Optomec, a leading global supplier of production grade additive manufacturing systems for 3D printed metals, announced that the Company’s DED (Directed Energy Deposition) laser cladding solutions were presented at the ASTM 9th Annual CoE Additive Manufacturing Snapshot Workshop at Penn State last week.

Scott Baylor, Optomec Senior Applications Specialist, delivered a presentation titled “DED Adaptive Repair Capabilities for Turbine Engine Components”. Mr. Baylor’s presentation and demonstration provided insights into Optomec proprietary AutoCLADTM and AutoSHAPETM software used to automatically adapt tool paths and process parameters to compensate for blade-to-blade variations. Optomec DED solutions have been approved by civilian aviation authorities in 15 countries for the repair of Gas Turbine Engine components; over 10 million blades have been repaired using Optomec systems. Optomec’s automated laser cladding solutions reduce labor by 80% (no manual welders required), reduce finish machining time and cost, and increase repair throughput and repair quality.

Optomec LENS DED printing solutions can be used throughout the entire product lifecycle for applications including materials discovery, functional prototyping, manufacturing and hybrid manufacturing, surface coatings, rework and repair. With the use of a high power laser, process controls, and complete environmental control, the LENS system supports many high-performance metals including titanium, stainless steel, and Inconel® with the quality required for critical applications. Due to the nature of the LENS process, a high degree of control and process capability is possible.

The ASTM 9th AM Snapshot Workshop, hosted by Penn State University, was designed to provide a comprehensive “snapshot” of the progress in AM adoption and industrialization driven by the latest developments in technology. The event welcomed all professionals interested in the latest in AM technology advances from industry leaders, and provided a platform to collaborate and engage in meaningful discussion with industry experts. In addition, the workshop covered the standardization needs in accelerating AM adoption while incorporating recent developments.


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