A new concept in Additive Manufacturing: a 3D-printed object to be hand-finished

The meeting between HONDA R&D Europe and WASP is ensuring breakthroughs in motorcycle modeling that will improve industrial development processes. Currently in the two-wheeler industry, the creation of a new prototype is achieved through manual modeling of an industrial clay.

HONDA R&D Europe and WASP are implementing a sharp shift in the prototyping process by providing 3D printing of an object that can be hand finished. It seems like a contradiction for the Additive Manufacturing world but there are areas where the human hand is irreplaceable.

Until today, prototyping was carried out manually and then finished by highly qualified technicians who, like modern sculptors, would skillfully define proportions, lines and volumes. In this field it is said that: "only the touch and reflection of the lights on the piece can guide the development".

While the production approach of "finished piece" characterizes 3D printing, WASP, already back in 2017 experimented with extrusion types for industrial clay, creating a totally innovative approach for the modeling world.

Antonio Arcadu, Design Modeling Coordinator at Honda R&D Europe has met with WASP engineers. From this encounter arose new impulses that, based on reciprocal experiences, integrate manual knowledge with Additive Manufacturing and fully insert WASP's collaborative 3D printing technology in the creative process of an industrial clay model.

Now HONDA R&D Europe and WASP are partners and in the coming months, they will showcase their achievements.
New horizons open up when the potter wasps hop in the saddle of a HONDA.



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