The Perfect Gift for Hobbyists, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, and Makers

The SOL 3D scanner from Scan Dimension®, the easiest and most practical desktop 3D scanner on the market, will delight anyone lucky enough to receive it this holiday season. Priced at an affordable $599, the SOL scanner provides an entry point into the increasingly popular world of 3D.

The SOL scanner lets users reproduce an existing object in a new size or material, or create a model of an existing object to “tweak” or use as a reference item for a new 3D model. SOL makes a great gift for
makers, inventors, and designers, who can use it to create a prototype based on an initial model, and crafters, who can reproduce multiple copies of their products for sale on sites like Etsy.
hobbyists, who can use it to document their collections, make copies of especially valuable items, and duplicate articles like game pieces.
educators, who use the SOL to introduce their students to the world of 3D modeling, manipulation, and printing.
entrepreneurs, who use it to create prototypes, collaborate by sharing 3D models, or improve a funding pitch by including 3D images of a new product.

SOL has been enthusiastically received by 3D experts. Joe Larson, owner of the YouTube channel 3D Printing Professor, says SOL was the “best experience with 3D scanning that I have yet had.” Jeffrey Rowe, owner of 3D consulting firm Cairowest, hails the SOL 3D scanner as "easy, inexpensive, precise.”

Customer reviews have been equally positive, including comments like “just brilliant,” “the scan quality is great [and] my child uses it without very much instruction,” and “the software so simple a 10-year-old mastered it in a few minutes."

In addition, SOL customers get up to 6 GB of space for free on, an online service specifically designed for storing and sharing 3D models.

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