Lattice structures set new standards in wearing comfort, weight reduction, improved ventilation and temperature regulation in stress zones

German outdoor market leader relies on 3D printing technology in the innovative DLS process
OECHSLER once again demonstrates its expertise in additive manufacturing and proves its ability to industrialise projects worldwide
Large-scale production of the innovative back padding is realised via Carbon's "Idea-to-Production" platform

OECHSLER AG ("OECHSLER"), a leading plastics technology group with a global presence and headquarters in Ansbach/Middle Franconia, Germany, is relying on Carbon's 3D printing technology to enter the additive series production of back pads for Jack Wolfskin backpacks. The German outdoor market leader is relying on additive manufacturing for its new "3D Aerorise 40" model and for the entire "Aerorise" backpack series. Jack Wolfskin's new backpacks are equipped with four innovative 3D-printed back pads produced by Oechsler using carbon 3D printing technology. The pads are optimised for the adjacent body zones and set new standards in ergonomics and wearing comfort while reducing weight.

Lattice structure enables weight reduction and improved ventilation

The back pads consist of an open lattice structure ("lattice") that can only be produced using 3D printing. They are placed in the shoulder and lumbar area and replace traditional foam padding.

The lattice consists of thousands of rod-shaped, elastic connections of varying vertical and horizontal strength. In this way, the degrees of hardness in the component can be adapted to the body structure: Soft, where comfort is crucial, and firmer, where stability is required.

In addition, the lattice structure offers numerous advantages that could not previously be achieved with conventional production methods. For example, the lattice structure enables weight reduction, improves ventilation and thus leads to a temperature reduction in stress zones of up to five degrees Celsius. Another advantage is increased wearing comfort - especially under high stress.

Matthias Weißkopf, General Manager of OECHSLER Motion and Senior Vice President Global Product & Technology Development, says: "We are pleased to have been able to support Jack Wolfskin in the development of the 'Aerorise' backpack series. With our expertise in additive manufacturing, together we have been able to significantly improve the product features of the backpack for the benefit of the customer. Additive manufacturing will significantly change the design and product development of outdoor equipment and sporting goods in the coming years. We see significant growth potential for 3D printing development and mass production in these areas."

Andreas Tulaj, Vice President Sales Europe at Carbon, added: "Carbon's integrated end-user materials, software and 3D printers make it possible to accelerate the time-to-market of products on a large scale - from idea to production. Using Carbon's 'Idea-to-Production' platform, Jack Wolfskin has improved the performance of the '3D Aerorise 40' backpack and worked with OECHSLER to develop components that would not have been developed and brought to market so quickly using conventional manufacturing methods. When well-known brands like Jack Wolfskin turn to 3D printing, it's a strong sign that additive manufacturing continues to enable innovation."

Magdalen Hamel, Category Manager Equipment at Jack Wolfskin, added: "Comfort, load control and ventilation are long-standing challenges in backpack design. The technology introduced in our Aerorise backpacks has only recently become available and is groundbreaking for the industry. The design is truly impressive from a technical perspective and reinforces our belief that, together with our partners, we can make a remarkable difference and take the industry a step forward."

Successful implementation of large-scale production

With the series production of the back padding for the "Aerorise" backpack series, OECHSLER once again demonstrates its expertise in plastic-based additive manufacturing and proves its ability to industrialise and mass-produce projects worldwide.

The successful implementation of the large-scale production project with machines from 3D printing pioneer Carbon once again underlines the versatility and scalability of Carbon's technology package - consisting of the innovative DLS printing process, the provision of state-of-the-art hardware and high-quality synthetic resin. Furthermore, OECHSLER's great expertise in the pre- and post-processing of products is decisive for the high efficiency of series production. Post-processing steps such as heat treatment are what give the 3D printed components their defined mechanical properties in the first place.

OECHSLER and Carbon deliver innovations on the assembly line

Additive manufacturing is one of the fastest growing manufacturing technologies, which has already convinced many industries thanks to its flexibility. In the sporting goods sector, OECHSLER and industry pioneer Carbon have already implemented numerous prestigious projects such as the series production of bicycle saddles or damping elements for American football helmets. The successful development and additive series production of back pads for Jack Wolfskin at the Brodswinden site is another chapter in the joint success story of Carbon and OECHSLER since the beginning of their partnership in 2016.


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