Zeepro officially announces at the 3D Printshow its partnership with 3D Slash, a convenient and playful online design tool. Anyone, including kids and teens, can now create or edit an actual digital model on 3D Slash and see their creative vision come to life on their Zim 3D printer by Zeepro. The process is simple: users can access 3D Slash from Zeepro.com, and once their model is completed they can launch it to print on their Zim 3D printer with just a single click. Being a smart 3D printer connected to the Internet, only Zim can enable such direct end-to-end integration with online platforms like 3D Slash.

Philippe Guglielmetti, CEO of Zeepro: "This partnership makes designing and printing objects both playful and simple as it takes complexity out of the experience. This is our mission at Zeepro: to develop fun and educative products for our kids through 3D printing technologies - in the most intuitive way possible."

Sylvain Huet, CEO of 3D Slash: "Efficient, fun and fast 3D modeling enables multiple applications for home uses such as DIY, STEM projects, and toys or accessories. Our partnership with Zeepro is a great way to offer a simple yet complete experience for everyone, from 3D modeling to printing."

Following this first partnership, Zeepro published a public Application Program Interface (API). This API allows other partners to offer a seamless 3D printing experience to their users thanks to this Zim "1-click-to-print" online integration.


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